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Handleless door / automatic door opening / door opening via voice assistant possible Pyrolytic system 17 heating methods, with core temperature probe, rotisserie spit and baking stone function Automatic programmes Core temperature probe with estimation of cooking time TFT touch display Panel-free appliance with surface control module Electronic temperature control from 30 °C to 300 °C 110 litres net volume


Three-point core temperature probe
with automatic shut-off and estimation
of cooking time.
Automatic programmes.
Rotisserie spit.
Baking stone socket.
Actual temperature display.
Rapid heating.
Timer functions: cooking time, cooking
time end, timer, stopwatch, long-term
timer (certified by Star-K).
60 W halogen light on the top.
2 x 10 W halogen light on the side.
Enamelled side shelf supports with 3
tray levels, pyrolysis-safe.
Home network integration for digital
services (Home Connect) either via
cable connection LAN (recommended)
or wireless via WiFi.

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