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Bernardes Arquitetura como Arquitectos

In Santana de Parnaíba, a city 40 kilometers away from São Paulo downtown, is the condominium where this residence was built. The plot with 1,850 square meters and approximately 6 meters of unevenness accommodated the house with 1,750 square meters of built area distributed over three floors. The L-shaped design and one of the diagonal wings has a steel frame and stone closures on the south face (opaque) and frames and brises on the north face (translucent).

photo_credit Leonardo Finotti
Leonardo Finotti

Two axes organize the sectorization of the house from the volume in the shape of a boomerang, so that in the wing parallel to the street are the social areas and master suite, while in the second wing, in an obtuse angle, the service and intimate areas. In this first, the central area accommodates the double height living room, integrated into the garden of tropical species with landscaping designed by Isabel Duprat. Inside, from the modulation of the steel structure, the four upper faces are closed with glass and slatted wood panels, the one facing the garden with brise-soleil that follow the same alignment and dimension of the slats of the other panels. This approach allowed for strategic views from the upper floor, as well as protection against direct sunlight, in the case of brises-soleil.

It is worth mentioning that the brises-soleil detailed by the Bernardes Arquitetura team are supported by metal trays covered in metal plates with the same painting as the structure, which also plays the role of eaves.

On the lower face of the main module’s highlighted wall, the closure is made by applying stone. In the furniture, pieces by Brazilian designers make up the living room, such as the armchairs Mole by Sérgio Rodrigues and Vareta by Joaquim Tenreiro. On the left side, the space (with a simple height) is cut off perpendicularly by a wall where is the dining room, with access to the kitchen and back hallway.

photo_credit Leonardo Finotti
Leonardo Finotti

At the opposite end, the veranda of the same dimension as the living room’s structural module, but with a simple height, can be integrated into the interior if the frame is open. The ceiling, volume of the barbecue grill and countertop receive wooden slats and rulers (the same as in the other spaces), and stone on the counter and sink niche. For furniture, the Box sofa by Jader Almeida in harmony with the Asturias Fixa armchairs by Carlos Motta on the garden.

The stone board flooring of the internal spaces was also used in the external area, and the absence of unevenness emphasizes the spatial continuity. The sash rail was embedded between the boards.

photo_credit Leonardo Finotti
Leonardo Finotti

Bringing coziness and highlighting the natural tones of the materials, the lighting design, developed in partnership with Estúdio Carlos Fortes, uses a warm color temperature.

On the upper floor there are four suites, and due to the arrangement of the central void, the master suite is accommodated on the right side and accessed by a walkway, while the other bedrooms are distributed along the east-west axis. Wooden brises-soleil provides privacy and transparency to the garden, which contributes to the pleasant ambience of the resting spaces. In the basement, there is a garage for up to five cars and technical areas.

photo_credit Leonardo Finotti
Leonardo Finotti

Location: Santana de Parnaíba, SP

Plot size: 1.850 m²

Built Area: 1.750 m²

Project Year: 2018

Architecture Design: Bernardes Arquitetura

Interior Design: Bernardes Arquitetura

Project Team: Thiago Bernardes, Marcia Santoro, Camila Tariki, Felipe Coimbra, Helena Obino, Leemin Tang, Fernanda Moraes, Luiza Barros, Mariana Cohen, Pérola Machado, Gabriela Guimarães


Construction: Laer Engenharia

Ar Conditioning: Logiproject

Electrical and Hydraulic Installations: Zamaro Engenharia

Concrete Structure: Leão & Associados

Acoustic: Modal Acústica

Foundations: Apoio – Assessoria e Projeto de Fundações

Acoustic Consulting: Modal Acústica

Automation: Oguri – Áudio e Vídeo

Landscaping: Isabel Duprat

Lighting: Estúdio Carlos Fortes

Text/Communication: Matheus Pereira

Photos: Leonardo Finotti


Private Home, São Paulo

HYLINE como Fabricantes

Located at about 40 kilometers from São Paulo, this urban house was built on a site with almost six meters of difference in its topography. The program was distributed among three floors: underground (garage, techincal areas and service facilities), ground floor (social and service spaces) and second floor (private spaces). The plant was designed as a boomerang, with one side aligned with the east-west axis meeting the northwest-shoutheast axis with an obtuse angle.

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