The Kelley Collection blends modern and minimalist lines with a high level of comfort and contemporary design accents.‎ Adopting the Scandinavian style design culture, the Kelley Collection offers the power of simplicity and elegance, as opposed to density and excess of details.‎ As well as the visual aspect, with its high-quality handcraft, ergonomics, and aesthetic, it promises a high level of performance and comfort.‎ In addition to this, products also stand in respect of nature by proving their elegance conceptually, with the sustainability of the materials.‎ The Kelley Collection carries the soft breeze of nature to the open spaces throughout all four seasons with its acrylic ropes on its skeleton and wooden support legs.‎ The Kelley Collection would be a unique choice to spend quality and relaxing time in your gardens, balconies, terraces, and winter gardens.‎


Dimension KELLEY Sofa; 178 cm x 80 cm x 70 cm

Dimension KELLEY Single Sofa; 86.5 cm x 80 cm x 70 cm

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