Top 10 restaurant bar stools

Top 10 restaurant bar stools
15 Dec 2022 ニュース

Restaurant stools are made for public or semi-public environments, necessitating both good design for appearance and durability for long-term use and frequent cleaning. Stools are made for comfort, versatility, and functionality, and are often light in weight for easy movement, yet solid and resistant to wear and tear.


A traditionally simple furniture type, designers today are conceiving new approaches to the archetypal stool. Though stools in appearance range from thin to massive, and simple to complex, the aesthetic common to commercial stool products is one of harmony and symmetry. Manufacturers offer stools with three, four, or five legs, as well as those with seats perched atop a single vertical bar set on a wide base. Many stool products include a partial or full backrest, as well as footrests. Seats are round or square, and flat or concave, to accommodate users of all heights and shapes.


Stools are often flexible in that they provide height adjustment or rotational movement. Many product series consist of stools with various height options, to serve both low and high tabletops, counters, and bars. Some products are applicable for both interior and exterior use. Stools are produced in materials as diverse as solid wood, curved plywood, upholstered polyester fabric, sustainable PET felt, high-strength and stainless steels, or nautical canvases and woven ropes. The stools listed below are among the most popular on the market:


1. Armadale Residence
photo_credit Timothy Kaye
Timothy Kaye

Interpreting the classic grandeur of old Armadale with contemporary detailing and form, Armadale Residence skillfully balances the demands of modern living with an enduring design sensibility.

The Nerd Counter & Bar Stool is designed with a playfully contemporary expression, joined by its wooden Scandinavian materiality. The seamless integration of its back and seat makes for a characterful detail along...


2. Blanc i negre
photo_credit Alfonso Calza
Alfonso Calza

Blanc i Negre was based on the aim of recovering the essence of a traditional bar. Its cooking style reflects its environment: an interpretation of the local cuisine that stands up for the taste and quality of the loc...

Faz bar stool
Ramón Esteve, architect of harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality has created mineral and emphatic shapes that make FAZ a design that contextualizes with homes and installations. An ambience, encircli...
3. Miyako Hotel

Architect: Yoshiki Miyakita. Study: Concent-design. Osaka Japan. In this project the Bardot stool was used for the bar counter and Virginia armchairs at the tables.

The Bardot family expands and is enriched by a stool with 4-leg metal structure and footrests alongside an accommodating and round seat. Perfect for use in both public environments and private contexts, from t...


4. Neos Office

Gravitating towards a creative and natural working environment Neos, the world-renowned and award-winning data analytics company that deals with advanced analytics, app development, and...

LJ 3 PET Felt Bar Stool
De Vorm
LJ 3 is a universal bar-height stool for commercial interiors. Made from sustainable PET Felt and high-strength steel, this piece of furniture is durable and recyclable after long-time use. Suitable for informal setti...


5. The Eatery
photo_credit Studio Flusser
Studio Flusser

The new Prague bistro indicates the main concept of the project with its ambiguous name: architecture creates a scene for a haute cusine performance and restaurant becomes theater. Key architecture principles –...

Young 426


6. Pernod Ricard workplace
photo_credit Petr Andrlík
Petr Andrlík

Its own bar and meeting rooms inspired by famous liqueurs. Welcome to Pernod Ricard's new Czech offices Even tradition sometimes needs a shakeup. Becherovka, which has been produced according...

Merano chair
TON Czechia
Merano chair blends a solid wood base with the harmonious form of pressed plywood in the seat and the backrest. Thanks to its construction method, the chair is very light and has no fasteners or metal parts on the non...


7. D.E Café Westfield
photo_credit Ewout Huibers
Ewout Huibers

D.E. Café is the coffee house concept of the popular Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts. Ninetynine was commissioned to develop a completely new interior concept for D.E. Café. The first realisation of the...

coma stool
Both manageable and stable, Coma’s clean symmetrical design works well with the Punto family. They come in three different heights and can include a backrest. Footrests are included on the two higher stools, and...


photo_credit Seamus Payne
Seamus Payne

Located at the JW Marriott Ritz Resort in Orlando, FL, Primo is a Puglian-inspired restaurant helmed by two-time James Beard Award winning Chef Melissa Kelly, founded on the principle of being stewards of the land, wh...

Lapala bar stool
Lapala is Expormim’s reedition of the classic 90’s braided chair by Lievore Altherr Molina without losing an ounce of its primitive Mediterranean charm. “Her curves and gentle shape keep the...


9. Osteria Le Cementine
photo_credit Marco Zanta
Marco Zanta

Osteria Le Cementine takes its name from its flooring, made of reused cement tiles rested at random to form a continuous carpet between inside and outside. In harmony with the river environment the architecture stands...

GIRO recalls the American movie house and coffee houses but it has the look of Italian lightness. Made of a metal band, its shape is a gently concave circle that accommodates the seat. And flexibility is in its...


10. Interior Restaurant KonneKt
photo_credit Marcel van der Burg
Marcel van der Burg

Cultural similarities as leitmotif for new restaurantThe conference hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten consists of a complex of former monastic buildings in the middle of the forest in Soesterberg.

Johanson Design
The timeless design makes the bar stools fit in modern homes as well as in cool bars. Available in four seat heights.


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